Property Restitution in Warsaw:   A Guide for Holocaust Survivors and their Heirs  

This database is designed to be used after reading the World Jewish Restitution Organization’s webpage on Property Restitution in Warsaw – Information for Holocaust Survivors and Their Heirs. Please review that webpage, which includes an explanation of what is included in the database.

How to start a search:

1.Use only Latin characters.
2.Enter as much information as you have – either in the box for surname or the box for the address of the Warsaw property in question.
3.To view a full list of all the names and addresses in the database, leave all the boxes empty and click search.
4.The database can yield results even if you put in only part of a name or address. It can also yield results for names or addresses that sound similar, but are spelled differently, to those you enter.
5.To view surnames alphabetically, click on the box for surname and click the search button. Then click the link for "Owner’s Surname/Entity Name." The same process applies for viewing street addresses alphabetically.
6.The Line Number column refers to the line number of the property in Appendix 2 of the June 2016 City of Warsaw White Book.

  Address:Surname:Given Name:

WJRO is grateful to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (Claims Conference) for generous support in developing the database and disseminating information about this program.